Friday, April 2, 2010

Sketchbook: The 10th Doctor

When I posted the mockup of my website redesign yesterday, my editor on Doctor Who -- IDW's Denton Tipton -- was quick to point out the lack of any Who art on the homepage. In his words, "Where's the WHO love?". So when I sat down to do a warmup sketch this morning, I had no choice but to do a quick 10th Doctor to add to the other sketches I'll be using for the website homepage.


Joe B. said...

Even in sketches this guy Tennant wears clothes better than I do.

Like Edina Monsoon once said, "My entire body just hangs off these cheekbones."

Lovely work. Excited about Doc 11 too.

Paul Salvi said...

More kickass lapels!

Picked up the Fugitive trade today, can't wait to read it.

matthew dow smith said...

Can't wait for the next series, TV Junkie. And I've tried my hand at a few 11th Doctor sketches. Still needs some work, but luckily I won't have to draw him professionally until later this year. Lots of time to practice.

And thanks, Paul. Gotta love drawing guys in coats. Now if only he had a hat. Then we'd REALLY be in business. Hope you enjoy the FUGITIVE trade. Thanks for picking it up!


.ray. said...

Even small sketches your 10th Doctor rocks.Not so excited about 11 i loves Tennant as The Doctor.