Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sneak Peak: Skeleton Tree logo

As I mentioned earlier, one of the possibilities for the personal project I'm planning on doing next year is to publish it myself, digitally at first, and then in a limited print edition, if possible. I've been considering setting up an imprint through an established company for a while now, but with the advent of digital publishing, it's easier than ever to do it on my own. So I'm in the process now of forming a company that can handle my personal comic book projects, along with a few creative odds and ends that I'm considering putting out there myself. It's still in the early stages, but I threw this logo together for fun earlier today and thought I'd give you a sneak peek. More news as things develop.


Richard R. Faraday said...

I love everything about this

Richard R. Faraday said...

I like Skeleton Tree more than October House

Skeleton Tree, like typing it and saying it. haha

John Hornor said...

Good old Gil Sans.

Looks good.

matthew dow smith said...

Thanks, John. Can't you go wrong with Gil Sans. Nice, clean, easy to read. Of course, if I had your design skills, I'd try something fancier, but since I don't, I thought I'd keep it simple.

And glad you like, Richard. I thought "October House" had a nice ring to it (somehow sounded like an actual publisher to me), but there's already an October House Publishing in Australia, so we made the last minute switch to Skeleton Tree Media, named after one of my favorite things to draw. Glad to hear some people actually like that better.


marco's blog said...

nice. i'm excited for this, can't wait to see what you produce, big fan.