Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sketchbook: Blue Devil

And here's the first in a new series of sketches. With the big DC relaunch on the horizon, I thought I'd try something different this time around and take some of my favorite DC characters and redesign them as if they were a part of the relaunch. First up, Blue Devil. Still one of my favorite characters and I was thrilled to do a little redesign on him for the Day of Judgment mini-series years ago. But while I dig the 'big-bruiser' look he'd been sporting for a while now, I wanted to get back to something closer to his original design -- lean, mean, and more acrobatic. Hope you like.


Lan Pitts said...

I dig this. I like the blue/yellow/blue pattern and how the yellow assimilates the horns. Looking to see who you do next.

.ray. said...

Nice way to start off.
I agree with Lan with the nice color patter you have going.
Looking forward to more sketches.

matthew dow smith said...

Thanks, guys! I'm thinking of trying the three main members of the Doom Patrol next, but it'll depend on how well I keep up with my new work schedule.


.ray. said...

You can draw the 3 main characters from WE3 and I would look forward to it.

Anonymous said...

MDS- love the "simple" line work. looking forward to more interpretations of characters.

Anonymous said...

Man, I pitched A Blue Devil story years ago. Still one of my favorites. I think people forget he was a top ten book for quite some time. Looking good, brother.