Monday, July 2, 2012

Coming Soon: The October Girl, Chapter One... (UPDATED)

And here it is, my first project for Monkey Brain Comics... a 120-page graphic novel called "The October Girl", written and drawn by myself.  I'm serializing it in 10 page chapters, a new chapter each month.  Here's the blurb for the first 'issue' --

Autumn Ackerman has always known she was a little different, but she has no idea just how different she really is. 18 years old and with no hope for a future beyond working behind the counter at her small town’s coffee shop, Autumn is about to discover that everything she thinks she knows about the world is wrong. The first chapter of a brand new dark fantasy story for teens and adults by critically acclaimed artist and writer Matthew Dow Smith (Doctor Who, Witchblade).

Chapter One goes on sale this Wednesday, July 4th now.  Only 99 cents, and only available through Comixology.

For coverage of the Monkey Brain Comics launch and a sneak peek at the first wave of books, including "The October Girl", click here.

And for the full preview of chapter one of "The October Girl", click here.

UPDATE: With #monkeybrain trending on Twitter, MonkeyBrain Comics and Comixology decided to launch the first wave of MonkeyBrain issues two days early!  So, yeah... they're on sale now, including the first issue of "The October Girl"!


Anonymous said...

A big ol' graphic novel.
Can. Not. Wait.
Read the preview.
Off to DL the first bit.

matthew dow smith said...

Cheers! Glad you liked the preview. Hope you enjoy the rest of the first chapter!