Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Coming Soon... Really

More than a year ago, I purchased the space for my own website, www.matthewdowsmith.com. At the time, it seemed like a good way to promote myself and give fans and editors a place to come and see my work. So I dropped a ‘coming soon’ sign on the site, sketched out some ideas, and promptly got buried under art and writing projects.

Now, with the help of the talented and patient Claire Stancampiano, the site is almost ready for visitors. We’ve created a gallery of my artwork, a short biography page, links to some of my friends, and a space for me to post short stories. The stories will be coming later, though hopefully sooner than it took me to get the rest of the site together.

We've got the new homepage up now, along with a few links. The rest will be online over the next few days, including some never-before-seen pieces from FADE, as well as samples from the upcoming MIRROR'S EDGE mini-series and several of my past projects like STORMWATCH:PHD and SUPERNATURAL: ORIGINS.

Thanks to Claire for all the help getting the site together. Without her, that 'coming soon' sign might still be there.


Daniel Waters said...

Yay Claire!

You know, that photo of you in your bio section looks an awful lot like Fade.

Unknown said...

lol. haha. matt and fade? i see no resemblance.