Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthdays & Other Dubious Milestones

I turned 38 today. Not sure how I feel about that. Creeping ever closer to 40, but trying not to think about it much.

Spent much of the day working on a sample piece for one the projects I'm considering in the wake of MIRROR'S EDGE. Turned out better than I had planned, which is always nice.

I'm trying to use more photo reference in my work these days. Not sure if it makes that big of a difference, but I like the results better.

Whenever I can, I like to use photos as a kind of "skeleton" for the figures in a piece. Makes the proportions a little more realistic and helps guide the shadows and lighting. It's a trick I picked up from my old studio-mate Tommy Lee Edwards, who does it much better than I ever could.

The project is top secret, so I can't show the finished product, but here's a little taste that won't give anything away.


Ellen said...

Happy Birthday! I've got something fun for you...let me know when you guys are free for dinner.

matthew dow smith said...

Thanks, Ellen. I'll drop you an email tomorrow and see what your schedule's like for next week.


LEon said...

Happy Belated Birthday Matt. Keep doing what you are doing. Live your dream everyday!

matthew dow smith said...

Thanks, LEon. Been drawing comics and writing for a while now, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Having WAY too much fun.


John Hornor said...

Happy belated Birthday, Matthew. You'd never know you and I are the same age because, well, you know...I'm so well preserved and dashed hansome and you're sooooo...well...

matthew dow smith said...

Withered? Cracked with age?

Maybe it's that freelancer lifestyle finally catching up with me. Man can't live on Combos and coffee alone.

Mmmm... Combos and coffee...


ksteele said...

Happy Belated Birthday Matthew! Wow 38...I turned 40 this's funny how I look so much younger than you do...

On a serious note, enjoy the next two years! I have a great birthday joke for you, but it's so bad there's no way I will have it connected to my name in print. I'll save it for the next time I see you in person.

Also, Heather read your first Fade chapter and she gave it the best comment she's ever given any of my writer friends: "Where's the next chapter? I wanna read more."

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. We don't get older we get better.

Larry Shuput

matthew dow smith said...


Thanks, my friend. And yeah... why do you look so much younger than me? I can think of several possibilities, all too dark to contemplate.

Hope you get to tell me that joke soon, and thank Heather for the compliment. Sounds like I might have sold another copy of FADE there (the first taste is always free). Now I just have to finish the thing.


Nice to hear from you, man. Thank you. Not sure if we get better with age or just crankier and more prone to shaking our fists at kids who don't understand how tough we had it at their age.

Drop me a line when you get a chance. I'd love to hear what you're up to these days. You can always reach me at