Monday, April 6, 2009

Albany Comic Con

Still recovering from the Albany Comic Con. Long day of talking to fans and signing books. We had a great turnout this year. Every time I do this show it gets a little bigger.

Some random highlights:

-- Having breakfast with my old friend Ron Marz and longtime fan and buddy Ray Blanco. Ray's been a big supporter of my work since the Crossgen days, but we've never met face to face. It was great to finally meet him.

-- Getting a signed copy of Fred Hembeck's massive omnibus collection. Great guy. Love his work.

-- Hanging out with my Saratoga buddies Ryan Robbins and Jonathan Stanley. They covered my table whenever I needed a break. Thanks, guys. Next year, I'm getting them Matthew Dow Smith booth team t-shirts.

-- Having my parents show up randomly, despite the fact that my mother is in a wheelchair because she broke her ankle.

-- Chatting with our crew of local artists like Joe St. Pierre and John Herbert. Always nice to see the gang. Bill Anderson was there too, but I didn't get much of a chance to chat.

-- Meeting a boatload of fans, and hopefully making a few new ones.

All in all it was another great show. Thanks to everybody who came by to say hello and get their comics signed. And anyone who wanted a sketch, drop me an email and I'll hook you up. Still can't get the hang of doing them out shows, but I'm always happy to do them at home and send them to you.

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