Friday, April 17, 2009

From The Files: THE KEEP

Still working on my secret project, so I thought I'd put up another piece of art from my files.

Dagon Editions, a graphic novel publisher in France, is putting together a new edition of F. Paul Wilson's THE KEEP and wanted some bonus materials to help make this edition as complete as possible.

I pulled everything I could find out of the boxes in my office and scanned them for the Dragon Editions guys, but going through my old computer files, I came across the presentation piece I put together to sell Paul and IDW on the idea of doing the project.

I don't usually like seeing my work once it's done and sent out, but I still kind of like this piece. It turned out more or less the way I had planned, which is pretty rare for me.

I gave the original art to FPW a little while ago, but I'm glad I still have a scan of it.


Ellen said...
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Ellen said...

Things I learned from The Keep:
1. Don't tick off the ancient creepy dude...

Another great piece of art. You'll let me know where to buy a copy when it's out, right? I need to add it to my collection of all things FPW.

matthew dow smith said...

You only learned ONE thing from THE KEEP? I learned many. Chief among them is: if the light you're standing under begins to fade


.ray. said...

Come on now Matt!is there anything you cant draw.This looks creppy and it beautiful at the same time.Art like this is why you are one of my fave artists.Take a bow sir.

matthew dow smith said...

Glad you like, Ray. I always get a kick out of drawing the horror stuff. Not sure I'll be bowing or anything, but thanks for following my stuff for so long.

And I'm not sure when the new edition is coming out, Ellen. But I'll let you know.


ksteele said...

Herr Obermeister Smith,
Such a perfect piece to go along with The Keep.

I learned that it's always good to keep a shadow in the basement...just in case the Nazis show up.

Thomas said...

Hi Matthew !

Thanks a lot for all you've done for our french edition of the Keep.

I just want to correct something : It's Dagon Editions (not Dragon), as in HP Lovecraft's Dagon.
No bother ! ;-D

matthew dow smith said...

Thanks, Thomas. I'll correct that. Should have recognized the Lovecraft reference.

And I was glad to add more material to the edition. Thanks for putting it together, and you'll have to let us know when it's coming out.


Amanda said...

If I remember correctly I remember seeing that on your drawing table as a work in progress.

It's neat to see it as a final drawing.