Wednesday, July 15, 2009

From The Closet: How To Be a Post-Modern Cartoonist

As many of you now know, I've been working on four issues of the new Doctor Who ongoing series at IDW, which has kept me pretty buried for the last few weeks. Since I haven't had any time to finish and scan the next installment of my Pilot Season project, I thought I'd put up another of the pages I discovered while cleaning out the art in my closet.

As far as I know, this is my first published comic book work, at least the first work that was published without a photocopier. I drew it when I was still in college, 19 or 20 years old, and apparently incredibly cynical, maybe even more so than what I like to think of as my Dark Years (i.e. my time in L.A.). It was published in the college literary annual, the name of which completely escapes me, though I'm pretty sure I still have a copy of it somewhere.

A few years later, I would make my 'professional' debut in the pages of Caliber Comics' NEGATIVE BURN anthology, but I guess you could say this short piece is where I really got my start.


Larry Shuput said...

that was hilarious

michael said...

that's great!

off to the coffee shop...

Rowan's Dad said...

So when does the Toad Man meets Jean Paul Sartre crossover maxi-series come out?
very neat peak at the secret origin of Matt Dow Smith

Anonymous said...

Was that before or after Negative Man's appearance in the Installer?


matthew dow smith said...

That's a good question, Susan. I'm not entirely sure. If memory serves, Negative Man was going on around the same time, but it might have been earlier. And somewhere in all of that, there were those My Life as Riley strips. Lord knows what the chronology is on all that stuff. Maybe official MDS art historian Erik Ackerman knows.

And I'll be working on that Toad Man/Jean Paul Sartre crossover any day now, Rowan's Dad. Right after my Thrilling Adventures of Foucault series is wrapped up.