Friday, July 24, 2009

Now Playing

by Christopher Fowler

Of course as soon as I got back from NECON, I had to get right back to work on my next issue of DOCTOR WHO for IDW. Never an easy transition, especially after Douglas Clegg fills your head with new and interesting ideas to apply to the novel you're working on. The writer side of my brain and the artist side of my brain don't always play well with each other, so some times the switch over is a lot less smooth than I would like.

Luckily, I'd downloaded the audiobook of Chris Fowler's THE VICTORIA VANISHES to my computer to keep me company while I fight with the latest batch of pages. I've said before how much I like Fowler's Bryant & May books, and this one -- the latest out in the States -- is no exception. I'm halfway through now, and enjoying it as much as the earlier books in the series. I've really come to like Tim Goodman, who has been the reader on all the Bryant & May books so far. Usually I prefer the author to read his own work, but Goodman does an excellent job with the various characters, each with their own distinctive voice.

Hopefully they'll have the next book in the series, BRYANT & MAY ON THE LOOSE, online before long. I've really come to rely on listening to these books, along with countless Doctor Who audios, while I'm drawing.

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