Tuesday, August 4, 2009

John Ostrander Green Lantern Sketch

At the upcoming Chicago Comic Con, there will be a special auction to help legendary comic book writer John Ostrander raise money to cover some medical bills. My friend and collaborator Ron Marz donated a hardcover Green Lantern collection and asked if I'd be willing to put a quick sketch inside to help out. As a lifelong fan of Ostrander's work on GRIMJACK and a hundred other titles, I was more than willing. Here's a quick peek at the sketch. I hope it helps raise some money for Mr. Ostrander.

(Photos courtesy of Mr. Ron Marz)


Studio B Media said...

Very Cool! I wish I could make that show in Chicago.

matthew dow smith said...

You and me both. Chicago's a great show, and a number of my favorite people in comics go every year. Haven't been able to go in a while, though. I either have too much work to get away, or too little work to afford it. Ah, the dilemmas of being a freelance artist.

Rowan's Dad said...

neat sketch, and another example of how awesome the comics community is when it comes to fundraising for a worthy cause.
Ostrander is one of the greats (I loved his suicide squad stuff) and I wish for the best for the auction items.

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