Friday, September 11, 2009

Work In Progress: DOCTOR WHO #5 Cover inks

And here's a look at my penciled and inked variant cover for DOCTOR WHO #5. It won't be truly finished until Charlie Kirchoff does his coloring magic with it, which I'll try and post once I see it. I really like what Charlie's been doing with the colors on the book and the reviews for our first issue (#3) have been pretty positive so far -- which I chalk up to Tony Lee's excellent script and Charlie's great coloring -- so hopefully we'll get a chance to do another arc at some point.


Ron Marz said...


I mean, I don't know Dr. Who from Dr. Phil, and I still likes it!

michael said...


onegemini said...

Man... what I wouldn't give to draw what is essentially Evil Giles and the Doctor on the same page. :)