Thursday, September 30, 2010

Work In Progress: Strange Heroes Samples, Part 2

More sneak peeks at the new art samples I've been working on, including the final pencils for page 1 of the "Strange Heroes" opening sequence (above), and the rough pencils for pages 2 and 3, which make up a big double page splash image (below). When I finish penciling the spread, I'm going to launch into the inks on page 1. I'll post the results of both when they're done, before moving on to the final two pages, which include an explosion. 'Cause, you know, drawing big exploding robotic octopus thingys is fun.


Matt Timson said...

These are great- really clean and dynamic. I love your stuff!

matthew dow smith said...

Thanks, Matt! Love your stuff, too. Just saw that character design walk-through you did on your own blog. Man, wish I could handle the color side of things as well as you do. Stunning work.