Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm spending New Year's Eve at the art table, penciling and inking like a madman, but I did want to take a moment and say, "Happy New Year!".

2010 was a good year for me. I got to work on IDW's Doctor Who comic book -- my all-time favorite character -- which led to not only doing more art on the book, but even getting to write and draw my own Doctor Who story for the 2010 IDW Doctor Who Annual. Definitely a career highlight for me. Not to mention, I also got to write a prose story for the 2010 Witchblade Annual, my first professional credit as a prose writer.

Speaking of Top Cow, I'm closing the year working with my old friend Ron Marz on two issues of Witchblade, which is a thrill. We haven't worked together since our days at Crossgen, and it's good to be a team again, if only for a couple issues.

And I even got to do one last project with Ben Abernathy at WildStorm before they closed their doors for good -- a few pages from a FRINGE graphic novel/motion comic they've been serializing on their Facebook page. Always a thrill to work with Ben.

So, yeah... it's been a good year. And there are lots of things either already on my slate or currently in development for next year. So here's to 2010, and to whatever 2011 will bring.

Have a great 2011, everyone!

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