Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On The Shelves: 2010 Witchblade Annual

Buried under work right now - please forgive the lack of updates here on the blog and the lack of any developments on the Act Three Project - but I wanted to poke my head out and let you know that the 2010 Witchblade Annual, with my short story "Devil's Due" in it, hits shelves today.

(I'm actually kind of nervous about this one, since it's a bit of a departure for me, not to mention my first professionally published prose story. Here's hoping everyone gets a kick out of it and the illustrations I did to accompany the story.)

I'll be back to regular updates on the surprisingly large number of projects I've got going on right now just as soon as I've caught up on the one I'm currently working on.


Paul Salvi said...

This means that tomorrow I will by purchasing my first-ever Witchblade comic. : )

matthew dow smith said...

Ha! Thanks, Paul. Hope you like it.


Paul Salvi said...

I'll admit I got it purely for the pictures but I was glad I delved in, it was a fun story. Went down easy.

I think I would purchase things you wrote even sans pictures. How 'bout that? Wouldn't hurt to draw the covers, though. : )

matthew dow smith said...

You know, I almost never get to do covers. Especially now when a lot of companies prefer painted covers over line art. Can't paint to save my life, with or without the computer.

And glad you liked the story. I've got a couple more writing things on the schedule for next year (not counting the Act Three project), so hopefully you'll like those as well.

Both of those have pictures, but I hope to test your willingness to read a straight up prose story without them very, very soon.