Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goals & Resolutions

I've never been into New Year's resolutions. I used to make them every once and a while, only to end up disappointed in myself for not being able to carry through with the changes I felt needed to be made in my life.

And to be honest, my life is pretty good. There's not a lot to complain about and very few things that I'd actually want to outright change.

So this year, I thought I'd lay out some goals for myself instead of the usual 'quit smoking' or 'get more exercise' kind of thing.

In no particular order:

1) Finish the Fade novel.

2) Keep working in comics.

3) Finally start working with Dan Waters on one of the many graphic novel ideas we've been kicking around for the last 3 years.

4) Spoil my loved ones rotten.

5) Spend more time with my friends and loved ones.

6) And generally build on all the good things I've got going on in my life right now.

Not the most challenging of lists. More of a 'keep going and don't drop the ball' promise to myself. I'd definitely like to make in-roads with my writing this year, but more specifically, just working on creative projects that I find fulfilling and interesting. I've gotten some requests for more Fade short stories in the last few months, and that's something I hope to do when the novel is done. I've got an awful lot of stories I want to tell, but never enough time to focus on them. We'll see how that goes this year.

I'd like to think these are all easy goals, but you never know. Life has a way of throwing curve balls at you, and I'd hate to be one of those people who turns down a good opportunity just because it wasn't in the plans I made for myself.

Of course, having said all that... I probably should try and get more exercise this year. The creative lifestyle doesn't offer many opportunities for good eating habits or exercise. Maybe I'll just promise to cut back on the coffee. I seem to be drinking an awful lot of it these days.


Ellen said...

I'll have to remember #5 next time we call to invite you to dinner...

matthew dow smith said...

Happy New Year, Ellen.

Yep. You should probably do that. Someone needs to remind me to leave the house from time to time.

Between my deadlines and getting ready for Borderlands, I seem to be more house bound than usual.

And that's pretty house bound.