Thursday, January 1, 2009

Studio Tour

Buried under work, but I got a digital camera for Christmas (thanks Mom & Dad), so I thought it might be time for a little tour of my studio.

I bought myself a new writing desk this year that was large enough to hold all of my scanning and computer equipment. Took me a long time to find just the right one, but I really like the way this one looks. It also serves as a makeshift headboard for the guest bed, which is where you'll usually find one of the cats sprawled out, hiding from the dog.

Here it is from another angle...

And here's my drawing table. I've had this table since 5th grade, and I've drawn nearly every comic I've ever done on it. My parents gave it to me for Christmas, and while I've had plenty of opportunity to get a new one, I can't bear the thought of working on anything else.

I'm sentimental that way.

I keep my old eMac next to the desk for easy access to any reference I need for the page I'm working on. It also serves as a DVD and CD player.

And last but not least, my writing and scanning setup.

I clean up all of my artwork on the computer these days, and despite its size, my beloved MacBook is a quick little machine. Far better at handling the massive Photoshop files than the old desktop.

So that's my home office setup. And before you say anything... yes, I have an awful lot of books. Just be glad I didn't take any pictures from the other angle. My entire office is wall to wall bookshelves, with even more books sitting on the floor. I have 10 bookshelves in my office and even that's not enough to display all of them.


In the comments, my friend Ellen mentioned that you can't see any of my Doctor Who toys in these shots.

I've never really considered myself much of a collector, but there are two things I find myself buying with nerdy glee -- SeaQuest toys and Doctor Who toys (and books too, now that I think about it). I can't help myself.

My collection of Dr. Who toys has grown to the size where I needed to install wall shelves to display them all. Probably the closest thing to actual home improvement I can handle.


Daniel Waters said...
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Daniel Waters said...

And you've even got the books alphabetized, you neatnik you.

Very cool, thanks for the tour

matthew dow smith said...

In my defense, I used to keep them alphabetized and categorized by genre. Now I just divide it into fiction and non-fiction, with the non-fiction categorized by subject. All of them alphabetized, of course.

Yeah. I think I worked in a bookstore too long. At least, that's what I'm going to blame it on.

Though come to think of it, I kept my books alphabetized long before I ever worked at a bookstore.

Maybe I missed my calling. I should have been a librarian.

kkogrady said...

I think I remember that drawing table from 5th grade....

matthew dow smith said...

Hey, Kath.

Yep. It's the same one. Been around since the Ritchie Park Elementary days, all those years ago.

Whenever I stop by an art supply store, I see the shiny new art tables and consider getting myself one, but I just can't do it.

Just wouldn't be the same, somehow.

kkogrady said...

I think I have some of your old drawings-- somewhere... You'll have to autograph them for me now that you're famous ;)

Ellen said...

Very interesting - thanks for sharing the pics. I imagined there would be more Dr. Who stuff in there. Please don't tell me you have a whole Dr. Who room :-)

matthew dow smith said...

No Doctor Who room. But I do have the wall of Doctor Who toys. You just can't seem them in these photos.

Maybe I'll add a photo, just so you can get the full impact of my nerdiness.