Wednesday, June 3, 2009

From The Closet: DESTINY WALKER (Updated)

Yet another concept that's been kicking around a while. DESTINY WALKER, FREELANCE WITCH began life back when I was working with Mike Mignola on some HELLBOY stories. I created it as something for Ryan Sook (whose early work on the SPIKE & DRU series had just come out) to draw, but the similarities to HELLBOY were a little too on the nose, and the project never went anywhere. Luckily, Ryan came in to ink me on the first Lobster Johnson short story, KILLER IN MY SKULL, so we did get to work together at least once.

A long while later, an editor friend of mine was exploring the idead of doing manga-style graphic novels from American creators for the American and Japanese market. Never one to turn down a challenge, I dusted off the DESTINY WALKER idea and tried to fit it into the manga format, up to and including some tweaks to my art style at the time. Above is one of the storytelling pages I produced for the proposal. Unfortunately, my editor friend moved on from the company shortly after I sent him the pitch and I never heard back on the idea.

A few years ago, while casting about for something of my own to work on, I dusted DESTINY off once again and reworked it as another of my 1930s supernatural heroes projects, which actually worked much better for me and for the character. I pitched it around to a few people with the high-concept tag line "HELLBOY meets SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE", but again, the fact that it was a period piece was a mark against it and the revised DESTINY WALKER, FREELANCE WITCH ended up back in the files with all the other concepts that I just can't seem to give up on.

UPDATE: And here's a peek at one of the 1930s DESTINY WALKER sketches I did while preparing the new version of her.

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