Sunday, June 7, 2009

Original Art Site (UPDATED)

With so much original art now sitting in piles on the floor of my office, I've set up a basic site where you can purchase some of these pages. Nothing fancy, but if you're looking for some of my art to hang on your wall, that's going to be the place to go until we work out something fancier.

I just added the first pages to the site, including all the black & white art from the MIRROR'S EDGE preview story we did for the 2008 San Diego Comic Con, along with the tryout pinup I drew for the game developers.

UPDATE 1: I've also added a pinup from the SUPERNATURAL: ORIGINS comic book I did for DC/WILDSTORM a while back.

UPDATE 2: And I've already sold my first piece. Cheers to my pal Brian for picking up the SUPERNATURAL: ORIGINS pinup!


.ray. said...

thats what i get for taking a nap before i go to work tonight.nice piece Matt too bad i was sleeping and too slow to get this piece.

matthew dow smith said...

I wouldn't go losing any sleep, Ray. In all this digging, I've found a few things with your name all over them. I've already set them aside for you with a big sign saying "for my Number One Fan".

And I did just post more of the original art from the first issue up on the site. Just saying.


.ray. said...

thans matt your the best.Ill try to look at them beforei go to work.Thanks again.