Wednesday, June 10, 2009


And here's the first of the four concepts for my Pilot Season project. For those who don't know, I've decided to take four projects that have been sitting in my closet for years and rework them into new proposals. Each week, I'll be putting a new one here on the blog, and whichever concept gets the best reaction will be turned into a 32-page one-shot.


DESTINY WALKER in "The Horror of Hartley Hall"

For centuries, the women of Destiny Walker's family have protected humanity from the evil forces waiting in the shadows. Armed with ancient magicks and forbidden knowledge, they have single-handedly held back the tide of darkness.

But the power that Destiny's family wields in battle carries its own dangers, and Destiny's mother -- tempted by the promise of even greater power -- turned her back on humanity and joined forces with the darkness.

Now Destiny is forced to assume her mother's place as humanity's guardian. Wary of the magicks that corrupted her mother, Destiny relies more on her wits and twin .45s than her supernatural inheritance.

But her promise to never use magic is put to its greatest test when Destiny investigates the death of Lord Hartley, a collector of rare artifacts. Hidden beneath his ancient manor house is a terrible secret that could turn the tide in the war against the darkness.

A secret somehow connected to Destiny's own mother.


michael said...


matthew dow smith said...

Thanks, Michael. Glad you like. Should have the next one up some time next week, provided I can find the time for another presentation piece.


.ray. said...

Looks nice Matt.This is your 1st one and i love it already.Just start putting out one shots of all your ideas.Looking forward to the next one.

Studio B Media said...

Damn! Starting out strong already! Can't wait to see the rest. I agree. They should all be one shots.

matthew dow smith said...

Thanks, Ray. Thanks, Brian. We'll see how the others go down with you guys, but I'm glad you like this one.


andy kuhn said...


derec donovan just hipped me to the fact that you gots a blog! this stuff is beautiful dude! i hope you are doing well, your art clearly is! if you get a chance check out my blig. it's
stay awesome!!! :)

matthew dow smith said...

Thanks, Andy. Nice to hear from you. And thanks for the link. Your stuff's looking amazing, as usual. Saw Giffen talking about you and had to agree with him.


andy kuhn said...

thanks, matt.
giffen is a kindly angry old man!

Gary Fitzgerald said...

I have an old destiny walker original in my colection.. nice