Tuesday, June 2, 2009

From The Closet: Sketch 2

Another sketch from the supernatural book that I wanted to pitch to Wildstorm. Again, I used a photo as the backbone of the piece, but I wasn't happy with the way the face turned out, so I never showed it to my editor as far as I know.

Looking at the sketch now, I kind of like the hand and the overall look of the piece. Maybe I was being too picky about the face.

The smaller a piece is, the harder it is for me to get what I want out of a face. I've worked out a few tricks for drawing small faces over the years, but when I'm working with a new technique -- like using photos -- I have to figure out all new tricks that fit with that technique.

I think the photo reference look works best with more shadows on the faces. Or maybe it's just that more shadows looks cooler with almost any kind of art technique.

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