Tuesday, June 2, 2009

From The Closet: Sketch 1

I've been finding a lot of random things in with the pages from my closet. Not sure when I did this particular sketch, but I think it was part of a pitch I'd originally intended for Wildstorm.

It's also an early attempt at using a photograph as the basis for the drawing. I like the way the shadows worked out, so if I ever use photos on a regular basis, I might have to play with this kind of dramatic lighting.

If I remember correctly, I was hoping to pitch a supernatural mini-series to my editor, but it fell more within Old-School Vertigo territory than anything Wildstorm was doing at the time.

Still, I might recycle a couple of the ideas and create something new out of it. I've forgotten most of the plot-points by now, so I'd have to rebuild it from scratch, unless the old pitch is buried in closet, as well.


Steven Wilcox said...

Love the inking style here, Matthew. I'd buy a supernatural book by you - so good luck on finding/rebuilding that pitch...

matthew dow smith said...

Thanks, Steven. Glad you like. It's a fun and relatively quick way to work. And I will be forwarding your comment to every editor I know.

But in all seriousness, I'm going to try and get something going here this year, even if it's for a small publisher. I've got a lot of projects gathering dust while I go about the business of making a living in the comic book world.

The problem has always been balancing the work-for-hire gigs that keep a roof over my head with the more personal jobs. More often than not, work-for-hire wins in that little tug of war.

And finishing the novel will probably help on that score. Even if I can't sell it, I'll at least have a lot more free time.